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Hi! My name is Rohit Bhute. I am a web developer from Mumbai, India. I usually handle the full stack from setting up a Linux server on a VPS all the way up to the JavaScript in the user’s browser. In between, I try to put a positive mark on the Internet.

This is a personal blog. So posts about technology will be interspersed with (embarassing) personal stuff. Please excuse the cringe factor. Use the tags to help yourself to topics of interest.

You can ping me on Twitter if you want to start a discussion. If it gets interesting, we can move to email. Arguments and counter-points are always welcome, along with humour and sarcasm. Trolling, abuse and hatred is not welcome.

The opinions expressed here represent my own and not those of my employer or any organisation I may be affiliated with. These opinions and affiliations may change from time to time. My posts also include links to third-party sites - I’m not responsible for their content.