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Redmine with Passenger on Nginx

Thanks to the guys at Dotdeb, we can now run Redmine on Debian using Phusion Passenger. My earlier requirements were still in force - software to be installed from a repository, upgradable using apt-get and no compiling on the server.

To use Passenger with Nginx, the official Phusion docs recommend compiling Nginx from source. Fortunately, the Nginx PPA provided this version of Nginx - nginx-passenger. I got around to checking Dotdeb; and they provided one for Debian 6 too! The installation is simple.

$ sudo apt-get install nginx-passenger ruby-passenger

You will need to tune it for your server, but many guides are available on the Internet.

# /etc/nginx/nginx.conf
# nginx-passenger config
# Uncomment it if you installed nginx-passenger

passenger_root           /usr/lib/phusion-passenger;
passenger_ruby           /usr/bin/ruby;
passenger_max_pool_size  2;
passenger_pool_idle_time 120;
## site config using passenger

server {
    listen 80;
    root /usr/share/redmine/public;
    passenger_enabled on;
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